“When Staff-finda approached us, we were being constantly hounded by agencies and job boards. It was immediately apparent that this was something new and completely different. 

Staff-finda were relaxed and consultative, ensuring we were informed of how to work together to maximise our success. The resourcing team have always been friendly and professional and they are an essential partner in supporting our recruitment requirements and hiring needs. Having helped us in successfully hiring across a  range of roles, the ROI is a clear improvement on previous methods we’ve used. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Staff-finda to any business requiring support with their direct sourcing.”

“I use Finda for those unexpected peaks in recruitment demand, when I feel added job board visibility is needed or when we need a fresh pair of eyes looking at a troublesome vacancy.  The resourcing team at Finda work closely with my team to identiy an ideal candidate profile, and will source and screen to a high standard.  They are like a valuable extension of my recruitment team that I can call upon when needed”

“We were pleasantly surprised with the high number of candidates you have managed to secure in a such short period of time, not to mention the fact that these are difficult times to find good plumbers. The online system is very useful and easy to use, and we were very happy with the way you explained, and took us through the whole process. Overall it was a pleasure working with you, you have proven to be an excellent recruiter, very knowledgeable with an outstanding communication. 100% recommend!”

“The staff-finda team threw themselves fully into our needs and they came into the business to get a full understanding of the role. They found a number of excellent candidates for a far more competitive price than any other type of recruiter and have been such a huge success that we’re now looking at how they can help us at other sites all over the UK.”

“They took the time and effort to understand our needs as a business and were able to get up to speed quickly. This cost effective solution allows us to flex the capacity of our team without increasing large costs. We’d highly recommend staff-finda as a key partner to any in-house resourcing team

“We have always used recruitment agencies but for a small business this is very costly and didn’t always get the desired results. Staff-finda was something totally new and so far we have filled a number of vacancies with great candidates. We would recommend staff-finda to anyone recruiting staff.”

We have had a very positive experience working with staff-finda over the last few months, and would recommend other organisations in the same Tech field to CRITICAL to give them a go.  In particular, we appreciated the friendly, supportive and flexible approach they have to helping an organisation with their recruitment needs. It also provides an excellent ROI, particularly for smaller companies with very limited recruitment budgets.

“I was very impressed with the amount of candidates that you supplied us with, as well as the understanding the candidates had of both our proposition and recruitment process. Thanks again for all your help and look forward to working with you again.”

“From the moment we called them, we have received a friendly, professional service and have been dealt with incredibly efficiently.”

“Staff-finda has been a breath of fresh air and we look forward to a long working relationship with them.”

“Staff-finda are an excellent support to our recruitment procedures. I’ve worked with them since day 1 and their recruitment platforms work for what we need. They are engaging, hard-working and adaptable.”