Two years ago, I started a new kind of recruitment business, staff-finda. I started this business after working many years in agency and thinking surely, I can ‘find a better way’ for companies to hire staff and for candidates to find a new job. No easy feat in a market crowded with 25,000 agencies, RPO’s, Job Boards, Social Media companies and an ever-increasing number of tech businesses.

After an exciting and sometimes chaotic first 2 years we have now put together a great team of staff with systems and processes. These now give us the platform to introduce our services to a much larger audience and help many more companies find a better way to hire staff.

Focusing on our core values

As the business has grown I have found that focusing on our core values and making them central to everything we do is vital in ensuring our journey aligns with our vision and the direction for the business is clear.

There are 3 things that we won’t be changing at Staff-finda

As we move into the next phase of growth and these are the values which are core to our business:

1.   Our culture – One of innovation and continuous improvement means our staff are happy, challenged and know that the business is open to doing things differently if it means that way will be better. Happy and motivated staff lead to happy customers and this in turn has ensured the growth of the business.

2.   Listening to our customers – A central part of the business. Our customers still tell us that attracting the right calibre of people, saving time screening candidates, making the recruitment process more efficient or simply reducing an organisations’ cost per hire are their main challenges. We have flexible and customised solutions which we have used across a range of industries, sectors and roles to help fill all kinds of jobs but we are always looking for new ways to help recruit and listening to our customers is central to this.

3.   Our focus on change – I truly believe that working to change and improve the recruitment industry is what makes us stand out and I’m proud that we continue to do this. Our industry is not supposed to be focused on sales and commissions it should be centred around helping people and providing excellent service. It’s this that makes us different and it’s a central part of our business.

The Future

The future is very exciting at staff-finda so if you’re a recruiter, HR professional or hiring manager who wants to find a better way to recruit the next member of your team drop me a line